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Syllabus of postgraduate 2nd level professional study programme “Residency in medicine”

Speciality: Balneologist

Code of speciality: A541

Credit score: 44 CP (66 ECTS)

Duration of programme: 44 weeks

Programme managers: Aivars Vētra, Professor


Goal of the programme

The main postgraduate training aims for the specialist are:

  • to facilitate independent and self-directed learning and reflective practice in the field of balneology, medical hydrology and climatology;
  • to develop professional skills specific to the field of balneology;
  • to develop research skills to support the continued development of balneology as a discipline;
  • to identify and evaluate practical applications in the field of balneology;
  • to exchange ideas and explore the significant values with other health and physical recreation professionals in order to develop greater understanding and communication among associated disciplines.

Eligibility: certificate in physical medicine and rehabilitation


Balneology is a subspecialty of PRM. Balneology includes all medical activities in a health resort aiming at health promotion, prevention, therapy and rehabilitation. Core elements in balneotherapy are natural mineral waters, gases and peloid. Additionally interventions in health resorts are hydrotherapy, climatotherapy, kinesiotherapy, thermotherapy, electrotherapy, psychotherapy, diet therapy, health education and cognitive behavioral therapies, complementary therapies, etc.

The trainee will walk in hospitals and rehabilitation departments, SPA.



Theoretical and practical knowledge: characteristics of physical factors and parameters used in treatment their biochemical and biophysical mechanisms and physiological reactions in the human body, the therapeutical effects, indications and contraindications, the criteria for the choice of physical criteria and the methodology of hydrotherapy, balneotherapy, climatotherapy.


Evaluation of functional status and health conditions of patients and divertificate intensity of balneotherapy. To have skills of creating and applying program of balneotherapy and evaluating its effectiveness. To be able to select practical methods of balneotherapy.


The trainee should able to promote and supervise research and the complete of a successful research project. To demonstrate the ability to teach medical and paramedical staff by experience and attending specific courses. To demonstrate competence of using balneotherapy, climatotherapy, hydrotherapy at health promotion, prevention and rehabilitation.

Test: Theoretical exams after study courses and Residency State exam

Study language: Latvian.