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Syllabus of postgraduate 2nd level professional study programme “Residency in medicine”

Speciality: Expert

Code of speciality: PP13

Credit score: 88 CP (132 ECTS)

Duration of programme: 88 weeks

Programme Director: Dagmāra Pandere, University teacher


Goal of the programme: to provide theoretical knowledge and practical skill development, according to additional specialty of Expert requirements approved by the Latvia state and EU requirements for this specialty (program meets the requirements for the doctor to be prepared for the certification of additional specialty of Expert), according to the regulation of the Republic of Latvia.

Eligibility: MD degree with certification in all basic specialties, who have worked in their primary specialty no less than five years.


Theoretical education is based on theoretical seminars According to study program length certain number of seminars is organized. Practical education in a form of study courses according to the program.



The knowledge gained will allow the Expert to assess the health, functional and working capacity of the subject, to prepare and present the administrative act. A broad, comprehensive, modern theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of medical expertise will be obtained.


The Expert has an understanding of a specific medical expertise. For professional activities the Expert requires certain theoretical knowledge and practical skills, such as personal health assessment of compliance based on medical documentation, followed by a personal examination when necessary. Personal health assessment for military duty in the subordinate institutions of the Ministry of the Interior, in National Armed Forces, as well as the administration of penal institutions; evaluation of persons’ health interference – the nature, degree and its impact on functional and work capacity. evaluation of medical practitioners and institutions in accordance with the laws and regulations concerning minimum requirements for the medial institutions and their departments requirements; eligibility and assessment of the effectiveness of the healthcare services. Acquired teaching and research experience, as well as work organization skills.


Medical examination is done by expert, works in accordance with its mandate at the highest range of knowledge, skills, attitude and usage levels. Constantly practicing in primary specialty, competent, qualified Expert with high level of knowledge and skills.


Knowledge tests after every every study course. Residency state exam consists of a theory test in question and answer format, and one clinical case; scientific research work presentation.

Study language: Latvian.