Laboratory Doctor

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Syllabus of postgraduate 2nd level professional study programme “Residency in medicine”

Speciality: Laboratory Doctor

Code of speciality: P29

Credit score: 176 CP (264 ECTS)

Duration of programme: 176 weeks

Programme manager: Jeļena Storoženko, Assistant Professor


Goal of the programme: to provide residents with theoretical knowledge and practical skills as well as improvement according to specialty of laboratory physician, being able to certify according to normative documentation of Republic of Latvia.

Eligibility: MD degree.


Theoretical and practical knowledge in laboratory diagnostics. Theoretical education is based on problem lectures (1 per month, separately for each study year) and workshops (3 per month or 33 a year) as well as assimilation of experience in pedagogical and scientific work. 17 study courses according to the program; practical tutorials and supervisions; facilitation of the personal development; pedagogical practice; research.


Knowledge – diagnostic methods, laboratory equipment, interpretation of testing results, principles of quality control and it’s implementation. It will ensure creative thinking in clinical practice and research, as well as improve abilities for working in multidisciplinary fields;

Skills that will allow to work safely, effectively, ethically and independently in medical laboratory; diagnostic manipulations used in medical laboratory; to be able to perform appropriate diagnostic procedures and manipulations; perform results’ interpretation; work in different medical laboratory areas;

Competency – to investigate human biological tissues and liquids with different diagnostic methods to be able to inquire about human organism’s physiological abilities, pathology of the disease, to provide diagnostic and to trail control of significant functions.


Residency State exam in the end of the studies consists of presentation of scientific work and written testing of theoretical knowledge – multiple-choice questions.

Study language: Latvian.