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Paediatric Dentist

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Syllabus of postgraduate 2nd level professional study programme “Residency in medicine”

Speciality: Paediatric Dentist

Code of speciality: A253

Credit score: 132 CP (198 ECTS)

Duration of programme: 132 weeks

Programme manager: Rūta Care, Professor


Goal of the programme: to ensure acquisition and perfection of theoretical knowledge and practical skills in accordance with the regulations on speciality of pediatric dentist in order to prepare the doctor for certification in speciality of pediatric dentistry in conformity with the normative documents of the Republic of Latvia.

Eligibility: D.D.S.


Theoretical education

  • Theoretical education is based on a problem lecture (once a month, separately for each study year) and seminars (3 seminars a month or 33 seminars a year)

  • Obtaining of experience in pedagogical and research work

Study courses

Paediatric therapeutic dentistry, paediatric surgical dentistry, orthodontics, prevention of stomatologic diseases, public health care in dentistry, communication and psychotherapeutic communication in stomatology, infection control in dental clinic, development and growth of teeth, jaws and face, special genetics, oral microbiology, stomato-roentgenology, computing sciences, infectology, statistics in dentistry, paediatrics, endodontics, oral pathology, research work



Acquisition of the professional study programme results in obtained knowledge, based on scientific evidence, of prevention of diseases of child’s oral cavity, their diagnosis, treatment, designing of treatment plan and choice of treatment methods.


In the result of acquisition of the professional study programme new treatment methods are acquired, as well as skills in designing of complex treatment plan, mastering basic methods of conservative, surgical and orthodontic diagnosis; skills in critical assessment of scientific literature, as well as skills in research work are obtained.


Completing the professional study programme one can work as a pediatric dentist, consult and treat children having illnesses of oral cavity.


  • Written work to check the acquired knowledge in the framework of each rotation discipline

  • In the final examination of residency assessment of resident’s theoretical knowledge

  • In the presence of the examination committee the graduate defends performed scientific work – clinical or practical study, previously submitted to the commission; presents 10 clinical cases with data of examination and treatment results

Study language: Latvian.

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