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Palliative Care Specialist

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Syllabus of postgraduate 2nd level professional study programme “Residency in medicine”

Speciality: Palliative Care Specialist

Code of speciality: PP26

Credit points: 44 CP (66 ECTS)

Duration of programme: 44 weeks

Programme managers: Diāna Baltiņa, Associate Professor & Anda Jansone, University teacher


Goal of the programme: to provide and enhance theoretical knowledge and practical skills according to the requirements of Palliative Care Speciality in order to obtain the Certificate of Palliative Care Specialist according to normative documentation of the Republic of Latvia.

Eligibility: MD and Certificate in Internal Diseases, Family Medicine, Oncology, General Surgery, Gynaecology, Gerontology, Paediatrics or Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.


Theoretical education is based on theoretical seminars. According to the study programme length certain number of seminars are organized. Practical education in form of study courses according to the programme.



  • Define the principal aims and tasks of palliative care

  • Understand good deontological practise

  • Communicate with seriously ill and terminal patients and their relatives

  • Comprehend legal aspects of palliative and terminal care

  • Compile documentation (death certificate and other discharges for terminally ill patients)

  • Prescribe drugs and supportive devices for palliative care, to superintend indications, contraindications and probable complications of drugs used in palliative setting


  • Be able to provide professional urgent and long-term symptomatic treatment and supportive care

  • Be able to provide single-handed diagnostics, treatment, care and rehabilitation in palliative setting

  • Identify and resolve social, mental and existential problems

  • Communicate with patients, their relatives, colleagues and to break bad news

  • Consultate patients on non-medical care objects

  • Communicate with mass media and polititians about the role and needs for palliative care

  • Consultate other specialists about palliative care and symptomatic therapy

Competencies: to provide symptomatic treatment and palliative care, to consultate other doctors on these issues, to be entitled to prescribe drugs and supportive devices for palliative care, and to advise social workers, other specialists, lawyers and other public servants.


Multi-choice questions and case reports after every study course and the rate of correct answers should be no lower than 75 %. The applicant should complete all the rotation cycles, should attend no less than 75 % of theoretical classes and should present the final work. Residency state exam in the end of the programme.

Study language: Latvian.

Rīga Stradiņš University, 16 Dzirciema Street, Rīga, LV-1007, Latvia, +371 67409261 (UTC +2),