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Syllabus of postgraduate 2nd level professional study programme “Residency in medicine”

Speciality: Pathologist

Code of speciality: P33

Credit score: 176 CP (264 ECTS)

Duration of programme: 176 weeks

Programme Director: Ilze Štrumfa, Assoc. Prof.


Goal of the programme: to provide the acquisition and improvement of theoretical knowledge and practical skills to prepare the doctor for certification in the speciality of pathology according to normative documentation of the Republic of Latvia.

Eligibility: MD degree.


Theoretical education is based on theoretical seminars; according to study programme length certain number of seminars are organized. Practical education in form of study courses according to the programme.


Knowledge of general and special pathology, its reasons, modern classifications, morphogenesis and stages of development. Describes microscopically and grossly characteristics of different diseases and its outcomes. Lists main laboratory techniques to investigate tissues with routine, histochemical and immunohistochemical methods. Outlines major ethical issues in pathology.


Analyses the results of microscopical and macroscopical descriptions of tissues and organs. Performs morphological diagnosis of diseases in autopsies, surgical and biopsies. Realizes scientific research in pathology. Designs all documentation in pathology: autopsy records, conclusions of examinations of biopsy and operation materials. Conducts clinical-pathology conferences in hospitals.


After 4 years of study, the doctor has reached the level of knowledge and skills which corresponds to the duties of certificated pathologist who observes all rules of ethics, deontology and legislation in the organization of health care, medical education and science.


Evaluation of resident's practical skills and theoretical knowledge after every study course. Residency state exam is combined with the certification exam in pathology and it involves:

  • examination of theoretical knowledge by multichoice questions;

  • presentation of scientific clinical or applied research;

  • evaluation of report about accomplished manipulations and certificates of local and international meetings in pathology;

  • appreciation of skills and competences to diagnose histology slides from ten surgery, biopsy or autopsy cases.

Study language: Latvian.

Rīga Stradiņš University, 16 Dzirciema Street, Rīga, LV-1007, Latvia, +371 67409261 (UTC +2),