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Syllabus of postgraduate 2nd level professional study programme “Residency in medicine”

Speciality: Transfusiologist

Code of speciality: PP24

Credit score: 88 CP (132 ECTS)

Duration of programme: 88 weeks

Programme manager: Ingrīda Sisene, University teacher


Goal of the programme: to provide theoretical and practical skills according to the requirements of the profession, to prepare specialists for transfusiologists sertification in compliance with the Latvian legislation.

Eligibility: Certificate in one of basic specialities – internal medicine, haematology, reanimatology, paediatrics, surgery – vessels, abdominal or cardiosurgery, obstetrics, traumatology, orthopedy, urology


Theoretical knowledge on donor selection criteria and preparation of safe and effective blood components. During the practical course students will acquire the necessary skills for preparation of blood components as well as transfusion of these components and plasma derivatives in different clinic departaments – haematology, surgery, intensive care, neonatology, infectology, traumatology, immunology. Theoretical education is based on theoretical seminars. According to the study programme length, a certain number of seminars are organized. Practical education in the form of study courses according to the programme.


Knowledge: selection of donors, preparation of blood and blood components, transfusion of blood components.

Skills: selection of donors to prepare safe blood components, preparation of blood components, ability to do immunohaematological examination ability to do transfusion of blood components.


Necessary competency to work at blood establishment/ hospital blood bank/ immunohaematological laboratory, they will have good knowledge in Transfusion Medicine and approved medical technologies; if necessary they will be able to consult general medical practicioners and other medical staff on current transfusion practices.


Examination of theoretical knowledge and practical skills at the end of each study course by evaluating the results in 10 grade system; Residency state exam: defence of independent scientific research, report on executed work during residency and on qualification improvement activities; oral examination of the entire theoretical course.

Study language: Latvian.