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024If you wish to study medicine in Latvia, the Faculty of Medicine of Rīga Stradiņš University will be the best choice, since it is the University’s oldest faculty and the one richest in traditions, which also offers the most innovative and rigorous medical education in Latvia.

Due to its competitive programme and liberal costs, the Faculty of Medicine is becoming increasingly popular among international students in Europe and many other countries (currently there are over 1500 international students studying at RSU). It is also popular, because upon graduation from the medical programme after 6 rigorous years, our graduates can continue their education in residency programmes in Latvia as well as other countries of the European Union, USA, Australia etc.

Title of Study Programme: Medicine
Head of Study Programme: Guntis Bahs, MD, Professor
Form of Study Programme: Full-time studies
Length of Study Programme and ECTS: 12 semesters, 6 years, 360 ECTS
Degree Awarded: Medical Doctor (MD)
Teaching Language: English 

078The Faculty of Medicine has embarked upon a new course and medical study development plan, which envisions the RSU medical programme becoming the leading centre for medical education in the Baltic region. The plan includes adapting the world’s best practices in medical education, improving the examination quality standards and introducing modern teaching technologies. The latter has been achieved by launching the RSU Medical Education Technology Centre (METC), which offers local and international medical and healthcare students the opportunity to use advanced technological features in training and lecture rooms equipped with up-to-date simulator systems and phantoms like SimMan®, SimMom® and many others, which allow students to acquire hands-on experience before they start working with patients. These phantoms and simulators provide students with invaluable practical training not only regarding medical manipulations, but also other areas of overall importance to medical staff - communication, team-work, and time management. Patient simulators have been installed to ensure communication training in an environment similar to the setting of a clinic; for the medical side of things, students have simulated operating theatres and intensive care units at their disposal, and one rooms is entirely equipped to learn complex manipulations like ultrasonography or endoscopic operations, not to mention the more usual medical procedures like injections, stitching and others.

082RSU has also made steps towards objective structured clinical examinations (OSCE) used to test future doctors’ theoretical knowledge and practical skills. Apart from the computerised lecture and simulator rooms, a great emphasis is put on the development of virtual learning environment (VLE) in Latvian and in English. The METC and IT solutions are allowing to put together an impressive collection of video footage, which cover the most essential medical procedures, and theoretical information from lectures, and thus help students to prepare for tests and exams.

Another advantage, compared to medical studies in other European universities, is that the RSU medical studies are widely integrated into clinical practice. After completing the first two years of mostly theoretical courses like anatomy, microbiology, chemistry etc., students continue their studies at various university clinical hospitals, e.g., Pauls Stradiņš Clinical University Hospital, Children’s Clinical University Hospital, Rīga East Clinical University Hospital and the Hospital of Traumatology and Orthopaedics. These are the largest and most important healthcare institutions in Latvia, which treat hundreds of thousands of patients annually. The 23 departments of the Faculty of Medicine not only coordinate student teaching in all clinical and theoretical disciplines, but also the cooperation between other countries’ universities and scientific institutes and have become scientific schools and research centres, ensuring the professional growth of the RSU teaching staff.

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