Year 1957

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On 17th May, by Decree No.200/C of the LSSR Ministry of Public Health, RMI organised preparatory courses for applicants for the first time.

On 9th January, the first issue of RMI newspaper “Padomju Mediķis” (Soviet Physician) was published. It continued to be published twice a month right up to 2000. (From 1989 onwards, the newspaper was called “Pulss”, and prior to that – “RMI Pulss”.)

The construction of the student hostel in Mārupes Street, Rīga, commenced in spring. It began operations in autumn 1959. In 1975, a new five storey block with 365 places was built next to the first building.

1957 1The first issue of “The Soviet Physician”.

1957 2Earth being scooped on the construction site of the hostel in Mārupes Street.

1957 3Students assist during the construction of the hostel at Mārupes Street.

1957 4The hostel’s old block and the new one in the foreground.