Year 1961

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RMI organised a Physicians Specialisation and Qualification Raising Faculty (PSQRF) with three departments: Therapy, Paediatrics, and Surgery (including an Anaesthesiology Course).

In 1966, a Psychiatry course with a standardized programme was developed at the RMI within the framework of the PSQRF. In February 1974, the Anaesthesiology Course was made into a permanent department.

In 1992, the PSQRF was closed, but the Post Diploma Training Division was created. In 1993, it was renamed the Higher Professional Training Division, carrying out a post-diploma training function. On the 28th January 1997, at a Senate session, consistent with the Rectorate’s decision, it was decided to form the Faculty of Further Education. In 2007, its name was changed to the Faculty of Continuing Education.

1961 1Paediatrics Department. Dr. M. Kurbatova (1st left) in the 1960s.
1961 2
The Surgery Department with the Anaesthesiology course in the 1960s.
Dr. M. Dubinskis (1st on left) performs the operation.1961 3
The Therapy Department in the 1960s.
Dr. M. Joffe with E. Kovanova assisting (front right) at the electrocardiograph.
1961 4
Prof. J. Ļeveņeca-Kuzņecova during an activity organised
by the Physician’s Specialisation and Qualification Raising Faculty in the 1960s.