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Year 1975

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Using its Scientific Division as a base, RMI created the Scientific Research Sector, which included the following:

  • Central Scientific Research Laboratory,
  • Clinical Biochemistry and Infectious Diseases Laboratory,
  • Chemical Pharmacological Laboratory,
  • Physiological and Pathological Connective Tissue Laboratory,
  • Scientific Research Work Financial Estimation groups.

On the 31st October, a ceremonial session dedicated to RMI’s 25th Anniversary took place at the Great Hall of the Latvian State University. Over the 25 years more than 7500 doctors and pharmacists had graduated from RMI. That year, there were 62 medical science doctors and 280 medical science doctoral candidates at RMI.

1975 1RMI’s 25th Anniversary emblem.

1975 2
RMI’s 25th Anniversary ceremonial session. Pictured in the front row from the right: Prof. V. Kalbergs,
Dr. Ļ. Muceniece, Prof. V. Korzāns, LSSR Acting Minister of Public Health K. Bergmanis (at the microphone),
A. Girgensone, and Dr. R. Visockis.
1975 3
LSSR Minister for Public Health makes a speech
during the ceremonial session at the Great Hall of the Latvian State University.
1975 4
RMI employees and guests during the ceremonial session.

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