Year 1997

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On 22nd October, a press conference took place to present the plan of transforming the Medical Academy of Latvia into Rīga Stradiņš University. The Academy was represented by Rector Jānis Vētra and Pro-Rectors Prof. Jānis Zaļkalns, Prof. Jānis Gardovskis and Marina Gulmane. Minister of Education and Science Juris Celmiņš, academic Jānis Stradiņš and the directors of several Rīga hospitals were also present at the press conference.

There were many arguments advanced for the creation of a university: the desire to develop medical education in Latvia, to improve study programmes, linking them with scientific work and cooperation with a number of clinics with modern medical equipment and unique intellectual potential, i.e. professors, associate professors and doctors involved in the teaching process.  

As the discussion about the typology of universities in Latvia developed, it became necessary to clarify that higher medical education was only possible at universities. Secondly, medical education and science could only be developed in close cooperation with medical institutions, developing clinical structures within them; the MAL as a component of the health care system was the optimal solution.

On 28th January, at a Senate session, it was decided to create the Faculty of Public Health of the MAL, consistent with a Rectorate decision.

In January, the 40th Anniversary of the MAL’s "Pulss" newspaper was celebrated.

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