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Year 2007

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On 15th May, the name of the Faculty of Further Education was changed to the Faculty of Continuing Studies (by decision of RSU Senate).

In 1961, RMI had set up the Physicians Specialization and Qualification Raising Faculty (PSQRF) with three departments: Therapy, Paediatrics, Surgery (including an Anaesthesiology Course).

In 1992, the PSQRF was closed down, but a Post-Diploma Training Section was created. In 1993, it was renamed the Higher Professional Training Section and carried out a post-diploma training function. On the 28th January 1997, at a Senate session, consistent with the Rectorate’s decision, it was decided to form the Faculty of Continuing Education.

On 12th June, RSU Senate decided to create the Sociology and Psychology Department and Law Institute. An independent Faculty of Communications was established, including the ESF Communications Studies and the Sociology and Psychology Departments within it.   

On 3rd October, Habilitated Doctor of Medicine and Member of the Academy of Sciences, Professor Jānis Gardovskis was elected the new RSU Rector at RSU Constitutional Assembly. Previously he had been RSU Clinic Pro-Rector, Head of RSU Surgery Department and Head of the Hereditary Cancer Institute.

2007 1Rector Prof. J. Gardovskis

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