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Year 2011

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Owing to cooperation agreements between RSU Alumni Association and Veselības centrs 4 LLC, Olainfarm JSC, SEB banka JSC and Maecenas Boriss and Ināra Teterevs Foundation, several RSU students won distinction scholarships in 2011. With the support of Maecenas Boriss and Ināra Teterevs Foundation, the Intelligence Academy project was launched to provide RSU students, alumni and staff with additional learning and perfection opportunity in various fields. The Foundation also allotted grants for research activities to support the RSU student participation in international conferences abroad.

13–14 January: first liver transplantation in Latvian medical history. It was successfully conducted by RSU Rector, Professor Jānis Gardovskis, and RSU Professor Rafails Rozentāls at Pauls Stradiņš Clinical University Hospital.

19 February: RSU mixed choir “Rīga” celebrated its 60th anniversary with a concert programme titled “Celebrating Rīga”.

2 April: the Open Doors Day for prospective students and their families took place to provide introduction to study programmes and teaching staff of RSU. During the event, many attendees joined the well-known Latvian artist and fashion designer Elita Patmalniece to create a large-scale painting (pictured below). Another treat of the day was the musical performance of Latvian band Gain Fast.

glezna patmalniece

14 April: the annual RSU Scientific Conference took place, collecting a record-high number of reports presented (447).

16 April: RSU/Runway women’s floorball team won the national championship.

In May, an outdoor installation, Green Room, was put up in the University’s courtyard. The Green Room was a prize won by RSU students in a waste paper collection competition among 16 higher educational establishments.

green room

Inside the Green Room.

14 May: RSU participated in the Museum Night for the first time, offering visitors an exposition titled “RSU Museum Exhibits that Can Put a Smile on Your Face”. The so-called crib exhibition turned out to be a success and continued to attract visitors in the following weeks.

4 July marked the launch of the electronic enrolment system for Latvian residents, developed by the University’s IT Department.

17 September: extraordinary Parliamentary (Saeima) elections took place. Although none of the parliamentary candidates of RSU teaching and administration staff was elected, for the 27-year-old RSU alumni Jānis Junkurs the elections were a success. Thus he became the first social sciences alumni of RSU to have been elected deputy of the Latvian Parliament.

In September, with the European Regional Development Fund’s support, extensive reconstruction was commenced at 26 Anniņmuižas Blvd, the site of the emerging RSU Medical Education Technology Centre. The savings from the purchase activities could thus be directed towards repairs or decoration at other RSU-owned properties such as its main building at 16 Dzirciema Street and the premises at 9 Kronvalda Blvd.

7 October: Latvia’s first and only Clinic of Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychotherapy officially opened in Rīga (see pictures here). It operates under the leadership of Professor Gunta Ancāne, Head of RSU’s Department of Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychotherapy, and is a workplace of several teaching staff members of that department and RSU medical residents.

11 November: Paediatric Oral and Maxillofacial Ambulatory Surgery and Diagnostics Centre with an outpatient clinic opened at RSU Institute of Dentistry (pictured below). The Institute of Dentistry is one of the best and most advanced RSU clinics.

outpatient clinic

outpatient clinic1


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