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Ceremony of Matriculation

MatriculationCeremonyThe ceremony of matriculation is the opening ceremony of the academic year during which students of the first year are welcomed. They are admitted to the student community and are congratulated with the beginning of studies. The ceremony takes place on the first day of the academic year, which is either at the end of August or the beginning of September. For more information on the exact date, please see the Academic Calendar.

During the ceremony of matriculation students are welcomed by the management and governing body of the University: chairman of the Senate, the rector, vice-rectors, deans and vice-deans, all dressed in their academic robes. During the ceremony of matriculation, students are introduced with student organisations in which they are encouraged to participate.

sports runSports Day

On sports day, first year students are introduced to all the possibilities that the University Sports Club offers during sports classes, promoting a healthy lifestyle. Sports Day takes place every autumn in late September or early October at RSU Sports Club.

Graduation Ceremony

graduation ceremonyRSU graduation ceremonies are conventions during which students receive their diplomas. Graduation ceremonies take place at the Great Hall of RSU and are attended by the governing body of the university, graduates and visitors alike.

The deans of respective faculties issue diplomas to graduates dressed in robes in the colours of RSU: red, white and silver. Students who have graduated with Summa Cum Laude receive their diploma from the rector of the university. Upon accepting of the diploma, students move the plume of the academic hood from the left side to the right, symbolising their academic achievement. During the ceremony all present are united by singing the National Anthem of Latvia, as well as the academic commercium song Gaudeamus Igitur.

At the graduation ceremonies of the Faculties of Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Rehabilitation, Nursing and Public Health, students also give the Hippocratic Oath, publically accepting responsibility about the health and life of their future patients.

academic ball dancingAcademic Ball

The Academic Ball is a celebration of the common pursuits and achievements taking place in the spring semester (March or April). It is attended by the staff of RSU and students alike. Traditionally, it begins with a polonaise. Throughout the evening various awards and prizes in different nominations are awarded to students, academic and administrative staff of the university, including the Best International Student award. As of 2012, the defined Academic Ball dress code is dark suit or tuxedo (tips for ladies and for gentlemen).


RSU Pageant and Celebration of Higher Medical Education in Latvia

Rīga Stradiņš University was founded on 10 June 1950, and RSU pageant is celebrated with alumni reunions quinquennially to commemorate this occasion. For more on RSU history, please click here.

honorary doctorsInauguration Ceremony of Honorary Doctors

At the inauguration ceremony, honorary doctors are awarded RSU diploma of Doctor Honoris Causa, a distinction awarded by the Senate of RSU to individuals who have demonstrated outstanding achievements and contributions to the development of Latvia, as well as RSU. The inauguration ceremony is attended by the honorary doctor (or several of them), the governing body of RSU and guests. During the ceremony the honorary doctor receives the Diploma of Doctor Honoris Causa, as well as the robe and hood of an honorary doctor. During the ceremony, "Laudatio" is recited with the merit description of the receiver of the honorary diploma.

senioruvakarsSenior Evening

Senior evenings are dedicated to the seniors of RSU, i.e. employees who have worked for many years at RSU. The aim of the evening is to thank former employees for their input and to inform them of the current events taking place at the University. Senior evenings usually take place at the beginning of the year in January, and they are attended by former employees, the rector, chairman of the Senate, vice-rectors and other invited guests.

Open Days

open days hall00Open days is an interesting day when visitors are informed about the various study options the university can offer. Open days take place once a semester, usually in November and April, and they are attended by the rector, vice-rector for education, deans, vice-deans, heads of study programmes, students, members of the selection committee.

Those interested in studying at RSU may meet with the heads of study programmes, current students as well as walk around the campus.

Open Days for international students are organised on the last Friday of every month. For more information on the Open Days for international students, please click here.

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