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RSU participates in the World Bank’s project on higher education

12:49, 15 July, 2016
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On 28 and 29 June, Rector of Rīga Stradiņš University (RSU), Vice-Rectors and representatives from several RSU structural units had a meeting with three experts from the World Bank last month with the aim to present the university’s resource management model, strategy and its implementation. Already after the first meeting with experts, RSU is praised for the strategy planning process and linking the university’s goals and tasks with employee motivation system, as well as for student involvement in decision-making process and attraction of international students.

The Ministry of Education and Science was an initiator of this study that focuses on modernisation of governance of institutions of higher education in Latvia. Experts from top universities in Europe are attracted to this project. The World Bank team boasts of remarkable experience in policy making in higher education, its experts possess knowledge and analytical skills in working with complicated and all-encompassing reforms in higher education.

Seven Latvia’s institutions of higher education, including RSU, are among the project participants and agreed to provide an input in the development of governance in higher education. At the final stage of the project, experts will come up with recommendations for the improvement of the operation of all institutions of higher education in Latvia with an aim to continue the implementation of the funding reform and enhance the quality and efficiency of education.


World Bank's team of experts with RSU Senior Management representatives.

The study will be implemented in two stages by preparing a total of six reports. The first stage includes focus on internal higher education funding and governance. Its aim is to seek for opportunities of adapting internal results-oriented governance models implemented in other European countries. Whereas, the second stage of the study will be oriented towards human resources and remuneration, as well as the development of innovation skills in doctoral studies in conformity with goals and priorities of Smart Specialisation Strategy. The focus will be laid on doctoral studies with orientation towards human capital renewal – implementation of doctoral programmes adapted to the future career, as well as quality assurance of doctoral programmes.

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