Speed friending brings local and international students together

10:17, 30 September, 2016
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On 22 September RSU International Department organised the first Speed Friending event for local and international students to foster communication among both student communities, integration of international students and create more opportunities for students to socialise. The International Department came up with this initiative as a response to isolation of both student communities and international students’ wish to get to know local students.

Each participant had an opportunity to speak to one other person at a time, in three-minute intervals. After three minutes everyone swapped partners. At the end of the main event, participants were free to socialise and enjoy snacks and drinks.

After the event students gave positive feedback and many of them expressed a wish to repeat the event. An opportunity to meet new people, have fun and improve students’ communication and language skills were mentioned among other benefits.

Currently, there are 1918 international students at RSU representing 55 different countries of the world and constituting 24% of total student body (8059). International students represent various ethnical, cultural and religious backgrounds and are seen as value added to international dimension of RSU.