RSU teachers step into DJ's shoes for charity

11:44, 21 October, 2016
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On 7 October, a fundraising event, Profs@turntables, organised by RSU international students and youth organisation Rotaract Riga International took place in the nightclub “Kaļķu vārti”. During the event RSU teachers stepped into DJ’s shoes and played their favourite pieces of music. Proceeds from ticket and wrist band sales in the amount of 3,000 EUR were donated to the Cancer Patient Support Society “Dzīvības koks”.


RSU international student and one of the event organisers Philipp Konradt admitted that he wanted to do something useful for local community while studying in Latvia. This initiative matched the aim of the members of Rotaract Riga International. Huge response came as a surprise for students – first 350 tickets were sold out within almost 20 minutes. In total, the event was attended by 470 youngsters and donations to the Cancer Patient Support Society “Dzīvības koks” worth 3,000 EUR were collected.

RSU professor Māra Pilmane, professor Dzintra Kažoka, as well as lecturers Aigars Reinis, Natālija Bērza and Ingus Skadiņš agreed to DJ for students. Professor Pilmane attended the event wearing a national costume: “My motto: never say no to students. Attending this event gives us – teachers – a great opportunity to meet our students in informal settings. I find this initiative brilliant, inspiring, sparkling and charitable. ”

Chair of the Cancer Patient Support Society “Dzīvības koks” Gunita Berķe was very pleased about this fundraising initiative: “The donated funds will be allocated for psychosocial rehabilitation programme “Spēka avots” and establishment of rehabilitation centre in the building of Dignāja Manor, Jēkabpils municipality. Psychosocial rehabilitation is a series of events lasting for five days with participation of an oncologist, nutrition specialist, physiotherapist, immunologist, dance therapist and other specialists who provide verified information on the disease and give advice on how to cope with it. The aim of the programme is to help patients overcome shock and deal with negative emotions they face when discovering about their disease to start living a wholesome life after the treatment period.”

RSU international students are planning to continue with organising various charity events and attract even more participants. Currently, 1161 international students representing 43 countries study at RSU.