Students encouraged to donate blood and have health check-up during RSU Health Day

16:20, 03 November, 2016
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On Thursday, 10 November, from 11:00 am till 4:00 pm Rīga Stradiņš University (16 Dzirciema Street, Block B, Rooms 202 and 203) will host the Health Day for the second time already. RSU students, academic and administrative staff are encouraged to donate blood and have their health condition checked-up by future practitioners.

The previous blood donation campaign gained huge popularity both from domestic and also international students – all in all there were 73 students donating blood – among them 44 who did it for the first time in their lives. For blood donation to become a tradition, RSU is looking forward to organize blood donation campaigns twice a year – in autumn and spring.

What to know before you do?

Any healthy person aged between 18 and 65 with the minimum weight of 50 kg can become a blood donor. Do not drink any spirits, do not eat fatty foods, take a healthy meal and drink a lot of liquids on the day prior donation. You may become a donor in case at least nine weeks have passed since your previous blood donation. Women are advised to give blood no more than four times a year; whereas men can give blood up to six times a year (sixth time should be followed by a break of three months). It is recommended to have a rest and good night’s sleep before donation. Donors have to remember that before donating you will have to present your ID card and specify you bank account number. Foreign students who have a residence permit and a Latvian personal ID number may also become donors.

What you obtain after you do?

Blood donation accounts for stimulation of blood circulation and restores blood components. Specialists emphasize that blood donors are less sensitive to acute diseases and blood donation is by no means harmful in case you are healthy. Above all, being a donor gives the feeling of acknowledgement knowing that you have helped to save lives. When donating blood you may acquire knowledge on your blood type, Rhesus factor, pulse frequency, blood pressure and haemoglobin concentration. Each time before donating blood you will undergo Hepatitis C antibody test. The donor may acquaint with the results of the test five days after donating the blood.

In case blood is given in autumn, the donor needs to have excellent health condition, not to harm oneself or the patient receiving the blood. On 10 November, from 11:00 am till 2:00 pm, in RSU entrance hall everyone will have the possibility to undergo the following health check-ups:

  • body mass index test,
  • earwax diagnostics,
  • blood pressure testing,
  • blood sugar level testing,
  • advise for oncological alertness,
  • blood oxygen level testing,
  • vision test.

For more detailed information about blood donation, please go to