RSU Among Inspirational Local Export Brands

15:10, 14 November, 2016
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In the days to come wider public will be introduced to a unique and inspirational publication “The Treasures of Latvia. Outstanding Export Brands and Inspiring Stories”, a truly revelatory collection of the most outstanding national export brands, natural phenomena, inspiring culture and sports personalities – among other things, the book also contains an inspirational story about Rīga Stradiņš University which was recognised one of the most successful local exporting brands of 2015 being awarded “The Reds Jackets” award.


Within the survey initiated by the “The Red Jackets” – a project aimed at encouraging and boosting local export performance, from over 1300 local companies engaged in export sales, 100 creative and inspirational brands were selected, whereas 25 of them were recognized “The Red Jackets” being awarded with a symbolic red jacket.

The book provides an overview on the most competitive local undertakings which constitute a framework of our national economy. The publication also reveals our cultural values, intrinsic riches and is a valuable representation of our country as such. The people behind the book’s idea are the export sales promotional movement “The Red Jackets”. The book will be also sent to our embassies to serve for image-making purposes abroad.

All in all by 2018 when Latvia will celebrate its 100th anniversary, the initiators of the movement are looking forward to release three books – a collection of Latvia’s most outstanding export brands, rising stars and the stories of success of our most talented and recognised personalities.


"The Red Jackets" is an incentive aimed at supporting local export trade companies, striving towards development of a joint, compelling and comprehensive story of Latvia as a country of origin – where we come from, what are our values and what makes us different – encouraging all exporting companies to make use of this story for the purpose of ensuring harmonised communication by merging values and qualities.