International conference on modernization of legal system - Riga Stradiņš University

International conference on modernization of legal system

08:46, 23 February, 2017
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On 26 April, RSU Faculty of Law, together with the College of Law, University Nord (Tallinn) and the Swedish Safety and Policy Development Institute will hold a conference "Modernization directions of the legal system: current state and future perspectives".

The topicality of the discourse is attributed to social, political and economic changes triggering diverse problems that are related to safety strengthening. The conference will cover diverse practical and theoretical issues dealing with efficiency assessment of the legal framework underlying diverse fields and sub-fields, and the understanding as to the role of operating efficiency of law enforcement and safety institutions in strengthening legal order. Legal norms have multiple applications; on separate occasions inconsistent with the principles of social justice. Public legal awareness and the level of culture are not sufficiently high and targeted at ensuring justice and equity. In the existing circumstances, the topicality of the safety discourse is becoming more vivid.

The conference will address the following issues and challenges:

  1. Normative regulation of legal system and development perspectives;

  2. New approaches to legal policy for strengthening safety in the existing circumstances;

  3. Performance criteria and efficiency of law enforcement and safety institutions in strengthening legal order;

  4. Practice of law enforcement institutions and special services in ensuring public order;

  5. Legal awareness and culture in the circumstances of societal transformation;

  6. Training perspectives for law enforcement officers and lawyers.

The international conference will bring together specialists and experts on safety, crime prevention and combating from Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, Ukraine, Sweden and Latvia and will be dedicated to discussing and analysing the afore-mentioned and other issues.

Working languages: Latvian, English, Russian

Venue: Riga, Street Dzirciema 16, Rīga Stradiņš University, Lecture Theatre #3

The conference starts at 10:00. a.m.

Rīga Stradiņš University, 16 Dzirciema Street, Rīga, LV-1007, Latvia, +371 67409261 (UTC +2),