Guest lecture on development of innovative technologies for autism - Riga Stradiņš University

Guest lecture on development of innovative technologies for autism

16:16, 23 February, 2017
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Dr Newbutt, Principal Lecturer in Communication Design at the University of the West of England, Bristol, UK, will hold a lecture on the origins of digital media technologies used by individuals with autism on Wednesday, 1 March, at 16:00 (venue: lecture hall #2, RSU main building). In his presentation Mr Newbutt will uncover the key affordances of media technologies used by these groups and how certain technologies can help them overcome social skill difficulties. In his lecture Mr Newbutt will also introduce two projects involving virtual world and head-mounted virtual reality displays. His presentation will particularly reveal certain data on the use of innovative technologies for autistic groups and how such are being used as a form of assistive technology. The final part of the lecture will be devoted to key challenges in this field and questions to be addressed; in case full potential of technologies used by autistic people is to be implemented. To demonstrate his recent work and to make comprehension of the context easy, his presentation will include visual materials.

Dr Newbutt is an academic specialising in technology, digital media (practice and theory) and autism.  His research is mainly applied, with theoretical strands related to non-verbal communication (Hall, 1966) and the more recent work of Yee, Schroeder and Axelsson. His PhD thesis, for example, drew upon work of Bailenson and Walther (Social Information Processing Theory) including contexts of Transformed Social Interaction. He has worked with a range of stakeholders in developing innovative projects and is a key proponent of inter-disciplinary work contexts.

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