Double win for RSU sports teams!

09:22, 04 April, 2017
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Last weekend was both tense and successful for RSU sports teams, resulting in our men’s floorball team RSU/Babīte and women’s volleyball team RSU/MVS winning their respective championships.

On 2 April, the RSU/Babīte men’s floorball team was just a step behind winning the first league champion’s title; however there was a tough game to be played against FK “JeNo”. Although five minutes before the final whistle our boys were lagging behind with three goals, they managed to reach a six-to-six draw and went to overtime to finally win the game!


The same day RSU/MVS women’s volleyball team became the champions of Latvia, winning the Babīte team also in Game 2 of the final best-of-three series. Similarly as the day before, our girls left no chance for the other team and won the game 3–0.