Cabinet of Ministers approve amendments to dentist certification procedure

15:45, 13 September, 2017
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At the Cabinet of Ministers meeting of 12 September the ministers approved the amendments to the certification procedure of international graduates of dentistry study programmes, therewith putting a full stop to the more than two years’ long discussion. This decision will be a major turning point in the export of higher education and enhancement of international competitiveness and it is a critical decision for aligning the national dentist certification procedure with the prevailing EU practice.

RSU authorities and the Student Union highly appreciate the commitment, constructive approach and support demonstrated by the Prime Minister Maris Kučinskis and the Minister of Health Anda Čakša in solving this matter. The upcoming amendments to the legal regulation will ensure higher student mobility within the EU and in the context of Latvia, account for domestic economic growth, facilitating high quality education export. It should be noted that an important impetus for advancing resolution of this matter was the official letter to the government signed by over 900 RSU students (

According to the planned amendments, to obtain the professional certificate, international dentistry students who are planning to return to their country of origin after graduation and to work there will no longer be required to prove state language proficiency, whereas in case the graduate intends to work in Latvia, the dentist will have to pass the state language examination.

This autumn studies at RSU were launched by 277 international students, 45 dentistry students among them. The majority of the new students (around 95%) represent various European countries, including EU Member States, and the education certificate acquired following graduation will be placed on the same level as the certificates issued by other EU Member States. Hitherto dental students had to face certain difficulties not encountered in any other European country.