Contract about the First Honours Scholarship Signed

16:21, 19 January, 2011
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VC4 logoFour students of Rīga Stradiņš University have signed a contract about receiving Honours scholarship for the Alumni Association of RSU and SIA “Veselibas centrs 4”, a medical centre.

The tough competition – 10.75 students per spot – was won by three students from the Faculty of Medicine of RSU – Karina Mahlina, Georgijs Moisejevs, Liene Smane – and one student from the Faculty of Pharmacy of RSU – Andrejs Sitovs. Each student will receive 70 Lats for 10 consecutive months, which equals one academic year, starting January, 2011.

The director of the RSU Alumni Association Mr Romans Lācis expressed gratitude to the director of the medical centre SIA “Veselibas centrs 4” Mr Māris Rēvalds for the initiative of creating the scholarship of the kind in these economically difficult times: “Mr Rēvalds is a pioneer starting patronage of this kind – supporting students. This is the investment in education and the future, which might not have a direct repay, but is still a noble deed. The most important is not the amount that is invested but the fact of the patronage itself”.

When the students were questioned how they planned to spend the scholarship, the first answer was: “We’ll definitely purchase the books, which are expensive these days”; other answers included attending scientific conferences, obtaining a bus pass and various daily expenses. The students revealed that the applications for the scholarship were filled out in a busy season of their studies, so they did not have time enough to think about the possible outcome, as they regard learning as priority. As a gift of gratitude to the medical centre SIA “Veselibas centrs 4”, students presented them with a green plant as a symbol of macrobiosis, which still needs to be cared for. 

The director of the medical centre SIA “Veselibas centrs 4” Mr Rēvalds expressed hope that the new scholars will stay in Latvia, will find their fulfillment in their profession and will be able to receive a respectable salary. When questioned how and why the idea of the patronage was started, he answered that “Veselibas centrs 4” is a profitable company and this is not the first time when somebody is being sponsored. Prior to this, sports teams of other universities and health care activities have been granted. The decision to support students of RSU has been self-evident as he himself has graduated RSU, Rīga Medical Institute those days. Mr Rēvalds has also got acquainted with the needs of students of RSU thus remembering his own days at the university, which helped to finalize his decision. He also expressed hope that some other patrons will appear that will be ready to support education and research at RSU, which might develop into an effect of avalanche.

Next scholarships of RSU's Alumni Association will also bear the name of excellence as we want to support the best students, thus raising prospective leaders, best specialists, educators and managers.