RSU International Student Field Trip - Riga Stradiņš University

RSU International Student Field Trip

16:47, 15 October, 2010
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f64 Sigulda 101012 272After the first tiresome study weeks everyone needs some time off, therefore, RSU international students went on a field trip to get to know Latvia a little bit better during Indian summer and to forget about their studies for a while. Arguably the best place to go to in September in Latvia is Sigulda, which lies just 50 km away from Rīga.

Sigulda is one of the most popular tourist destination in Latvia and attracts both tourists and local people. The Sigulda vicinity is full of history (Medieval Sigulda castle, Turaida medieval castle, Sigulda new castle), beautiful landscape (Gauja river and its valley, lots of forests, Gutmana cave, Devil’s cave etc.).

The field trip took place on 2 October with 39 hikers and 2 lovely dogs participating. During the trip everyone could enjoy Latvian nature, test themselves climbing countless stairs, and learn medieval history becoming a guest of the master of the Turaida medieval castle. Some participants even went for a swim! Luckily all the strength tests outdoors were passed successfully just the same as all defence and good manner trials while in Middle Ages. However, the group with only a couple of exceptions returned to Riga in almost complete silence – tired, sleepy but hopefully happy as well!

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