Foreign Student Intercultural Evening

20:36, 10 December, 2009
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starpkulturu-vakars-10122009On the 4th of December, the International Office organised an Intercultural Evening for RSU full-time and ERASMUS exchange students. Throughout the evening students had a great opportunity to get to know each other better and to familiarise themselves with various cultures.

The evening started with a presentation of the Latvian culture by demonstrating national costumes, national instruments, songs and dances, which were a big hit with everyone.

Afterwards the Finns gave a presentation on the sauna culture in Finland, the Norwegians sang Christmas songs in Norwegian, and the Sri Lankans demonstrated their national costumes and gave a presentation on their home country, whereas the German students tried to deconstruct typical stereotypes about Germans.

You can find photos from the evening here.

A big Thank You to everyone who participated in the intercultural evening and thank you for the creativity and sincerity you shared with us!