Researchers Night 2012 at RSU - Riga Stradiņš University

Researchers Night 2012 at RSU

15:41, 09 August, 2012
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zn-2012-01wrThis year’s Researchers' Night at Rīga Stradiņš University will take place on Friday, 28 September, with lots of spectacular activities in and around the RSU main building and at the RSU Dental Institute as well. The programme of the Researchers' Night is based on Energy, the central theme of the event. Come along and learn to maintain your energy that makes you live and smile, join the game dubbed Information’s Creative Energy and see the PowerThrower RSU-Dz16 cannon, designed by our medical students specifically for this occasion!

The list of participants is indeed impressive as it covers many academic and research divisions of the University: Hygiene and Occupational Diseases Lab, Experimental Animal Lab, Department of Psychosomatic Medicine & Psychotherapy, Department of Sports, Nutrition and Pedagogy, Department of Communication, Department of Physics, Faculty of Dentistry, paediatric surgeon Olafs Volrāts, Audiovisual Information Unit, as well as students and volunteers.


RSU main building (starts at 17:30)

  • PowerThrower RSU-Dz16 cannon demonstrations in RSU courtyard from 17:30

  • From Life to Life: meet our experimental lab animals – guinea pigs, rats, rabbits and others, and have your picture taken with ones you like most! Get expert advice on pet tending and learn about pet welfare principles

  • Spleen – protector from infections and maintainer of life energy: presentation by paediatric surgeon Olafs Volrāts

  • Session with Dr Freud: psychoanalytical experience

  • Cheat the polygraph: see if you can hide your psychic impulses

  • Functional aerobic capacity test on bike ergometers with RSU sports and nutrition experts. Get specialists’ recommendations on physical load intensity and have your body weight measured and your body fat percentage calculated. Learn how to burn calories effectively and get super-healthy recipes for from our nutritionists  

  • Man in the World of Nuclear Energy – from Curie to Fukushima: 30-minute lecture on the destructive power of energy at Hippocrates lecture-theatre (starts at 18:00)

  • Experimental demonstrations, games and other activities: Explosive Dust, Self-made Lightning, Can only a living being sense hot and cold?, Information’s Creative Energy etc.

RSU Dental Institute (starts at 18:00)

zn-2012-02wrSmile is a key thing in the way we look: it has been said that it only takes seven seconds to make a first impression. So take this chance and visit the Dental Institute next to the University’s main building to learn more about the power and energy of a smile!

Find out:

  • How to take care of your smile and create positive energy

  • How to attain a sparkling white smile – the pros and cons of dental bleaching

  • How to renovate a tooth – try it out on training dummies with dental composites

  • How light helps harden dental composites – try to turn dental materials from soft to hard

  • How bad habits affect your smile – the energy of smile in orthodontics and prosthetics

  • What it takes to be a dentist – do the drilling and filling on training dummies


Further details

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