RSU Joins Foursquare University Programme - Riga Stradiņš University

RSU Joins Foursquare University Programme

13:09, 24 October, 2012
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4sqRīga Stradiņš University is the first higher educational establishment in Latvia and among the first ones in the Baltic States to have joined the 4sqOnCampus foursquare programme. Alongside with the Universities of Harvard, Stanford, Texas, Syracuse and Arizona State University and tens of other prominent higher education establishments, RSU will be enriching the foursquare platform with historical facts and messages topical for the students. Up to now, Baltic States are also represented in 4sqOnCampus by the Tallinn University of Technology and the University of Vilnius.

The foursquare statistical data regarding the users of the 4sqOnCampus project, RSU students are claimed to be the most active foursquare users among the participating university students in the Baltic countries. In general, RSU main building in Dzirciema Street appears to be second most popular one among the central university buildings in the Baltic States – foursquare users have checked-in for 6758 times since the venue registration in the social platform in 2012. Number one, though, is Business school Turība with 6779 check-ins, Tallinn University of Technology is positioned third with 5760 check-ins. (Infographics are available on the Infogram website, as well as a presentation.)

Within the framework of foursquare for universities programme, social platform foursquare encourages universities to promote unity and information link among students simultaneously being located in the places and buildings all around the city, to disclose historical facts related to the university and to help students and guests of the university to orientate themselves in the territory yet to be explored. In case of using foursquare game elements, users may earn five virtual badges that reflect their activities regarding acquisition of the rooms nearby, visualisation and assisting other foursquare users.

The most convenient way to use foursquare is with mobile phones by installing free application (available for all popular smartphone models). Foursquare allows not only to communicate, but also alongside with the usual laconic communication it offers a variety of game elements, among them virtual badges received by the users of the platform upon fulfilment of particular conditions by checking-in within the framework of particular category (catering, leisure or culture objects) or place (particular country, city).

Both in the world and in Latvia, foursquare is dynamic and actively developing social platform which represents location-based social communication channel. Likewise popular social networks, Facebook and Twitter, it allows to communicate with family members, close friends and acquaintances. For the first time foursquare platform was introduced in 2009.

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