Research on heart rate in patients with coronary artery disease

14:05, 04 June, 2014
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On 9 June at 15:00, in an open meeting of the Medical Promotion Council of Rīga Stradiņš University that will take place in the Hippocrates lecture theatre, Rīga, 16 Dzirciema Street, Inga Balode will defend her doctoral thesis “Heart Rate in Patients with Coronary Artery Disease in Latvia”.

Increased heart rate at rest is a risk factor of cardiovascular diseases. Heart rate ≥ 70 x/min for patients with cardiovascular diseases is considered increased as it is related with higher risk of complications of cardiovascular diseases. However, there is a lack of understanding about the significance of this risk factor in Latvia, and there is a lack of data on increased heart rate frequency and its control in patients with coronary artery disease (coronary artery supply blood to the heart muscle).

The aim of the doctoral thesis was to investigate various aspects related to heart rate and its control in the treatment of outpatients with coronary artery disease - to describe heart rate and its changes, to investigate the relation of heart rate to other cardiovascular risk factors and single out possible causes of insufficient heart rate control.

Results show that the heart rate control in outpatients with coronary heart diseases is insufficient. For more than one third of the analysed patients heart rate is increased, and the proportion of these patients remain unchanged over time. As is can be concluded from the results of the research, possibilities to lower the increased heart rate by drug treatment are not fully used. Besides, physicians’ views on normal heart rate differ.

Present scientific paper contributes to the awareness about heart rate control in patients with coronary artery disease in Latvia and creates opportunities for better control of risk factor of this cardiovascular disease.