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Research on the influence of rye bread on prostate cancer progression

14:05, 06 June, 2014
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On 11 June at 15:00 in an open meeting of the Medical Promotion Council of Rīga Stradiņš University that will take place in Hippocrates lecture theatre, Riga, 16 Dzirciema Str., Laila Meija will defend her doctoral thesis “Alkylresorcinol, Lignan, Metabolites and Vitamin D in Prostate Cancer Patients”.

It is widely known that rye bread benefits our health, however, currently only few have made sure that it may have medicinal properties.

Latvian nutrition specialists and physicians under the leadership of dietician Laila Meija in cooperation with colleagues from Finland have carried out a significant research on the influence of rye bread on prevention of the development and progression of prostate cancer.

Alongside, the significance of sufficient vitamin D concentration in prostate health was analysed. During the research Latvian men who have been diagnosed with prostate cancer consumed special rye bread. The results are positive and lead to encourage men to consume rye bread on a daily basis.

Rye bread might be significant product in the prevention of the development of prostate cancer due to the fact that not always active treatment is required in the case of this type of cancer – often physician’s supervision on a regular basis is all that is necessary. Therefore, lifestyle, including diet, plays a significant role. It is not for nothing that researchers are of the opinion that diet might lead to the prevention of the development of one third of various types of cancers. Rye bread contains biologically active substances – alkylresorcinols and lignans – that have anticancer effect.

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