TurnitIn system – the global leader in evaluating and improving student writing now available at RSU

12:08, 20 February, 2015
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As of spring semester 2015, teachers at Rīga Stradiņš University have started using the Turnitin plagiarism prevention and online grading system, the most up-to-date system of the kind in the world.

Currently RSU teachers are undergoing training and the system is being integrated in RSU information technology system. Turnitin has already been fully integrated in RSU e-studies system and is ready for ensuring paper upload, reviewing and originality checking.

Turnitin is the global leader in plagiarism prevention and online grading, which is used by millions of students and teachers worldwide. Turnitin offers two platforms – Originality Check, which automatically checks the content for unoriginal content (plagiarism), and GradeMark+ETS & QuickMark, which allows electronic upload and grading of student papers, which noticeably enhances feedback quality and speed of grading

RSU aims at offering high quality study programmes that go hand in hand with academic papers of high level. Therefore with an aim to facilitate teachers’ work and detection of unoriginal content in student papers RSU has already joined unified inter-institutional computerised plagiarism control system.

In most cases students plagiarise unintentionally due to lack of understanding of the use of references in their papers and the significance of intellectual property. Plagiarism is topical for first year students who often tend to download papers from the internet or insert citations without adding references. Therefore stricter control over papers has to be implemented at secondary school level, and teachers have to explain the essence of plagiarism and its ethical aspects.

The prohibition of plagiarism is stipulated by RSU Internal Rules of Studies available at RSU homepage. As it is specified in Paragraph 5.1.15 of the Rules, "any plagiarism or infringement of copyright or related rights in the academic process is inadmissible". RSU study contracts also contain provisions with regard to the prohibition of plagiarism.