Research on criminological problems of sexual violence

10:14, 22 May, 2015
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On 28 May at 14:00, in a public session of the Doctoral Committee of Legal Sciences, Rīga Stradiņš University, which will take place at the Hippocrates Lecture Theatre (16 Dzirciema Street), Aldona Kipāne will defend her doctoral thesis “Criminological Problems of Sexual Violence”.

The goal of the research was to develop theoretical and practical complex research on criminological problems of sexual violence and put forward proposals for their solving. Manifestation of violent behaviour is regarded as a violation of human rights to life, freedom, respect and safety, as well as physical and emotional integrity causing a serious threat to life or health and, consequently, to physical and mental health of the victim.

The study contains a complex study of sexual violence as a legal-social phenomenon in criminology: research of causes and reasons, characteristics of offender’s personality, cognitions of victimology as a science and their evaluation. This topic has not been analysed from the above mentioned perspective by Latvia’s researchers.

The basic aspects of the study and the drawn conclusions further develop criminological theories, as well as extend a number of the concepts in criminology.