Research on treatment of cerebral metastases

05:14, 03 June, 2015
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cerebral-metastases-introOn 10 June at 15:00, in a public session of the Doctoral Committee of Medicine, Rīga Stradiņš University, which will take place at the Hippocrates Lecture Theatre (16 Dzirciema Street), Kaspars Auslands will defend his doctoral thesis “Two and More Cerebral Metastases Complex Treatment Options”.

Metastases of various primary cancer cells located outside central nervous system of the brain occur in 10–40 % of cancer patients. According to literature data, several cerebral metastases develop for a great number of cancer patients (21–86 %).

Upon the introduction of new technologies, a rapid progress in treatment cerebral metastases was observed. Also in Latvia, upon improvement of neurosurgical instruments, operation planning and performance equipment and upon frameless image-guided stereotactic radiosurgery system becoming available in 2010, there are preconditions for provision of modern and complex treatment for the patients with cerebral metastases.

The aims of the study were to systemize the results of researches carried out worldwide and summarise results of the work at Riga East Clinical University Hospital, and finally develop recommendations for initial treatment in patients with two or several cerebral metastases by using the latest technologies available in Latvia.

It should be noted that upon analysing prognostic indicators of postoperative survival, the author carried out genetic analysis of histological material of removed cerebral metastases for the detection of significant changes of TP53 gene (TP53 gene mutations provoke the loss of tumour suppression abilities).