RSU team takes first place in Latvian and Baltic powerlifting championships

12:44, 05 June, 2015
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On 30 May, the Latvian and Baltic Bench Press Championships, the most popular event organised by the Latvian Powerlifting Federation, took place at the Lido Recreation Centre. The participants had to press weights that were equal to their body weight upwards from a supine position, and the winners were determined by repetition count. The increasing popularity of the competition resulted in 155 participants and 26 teams this year.

RSU athletes won four gold medals, five silver medals and three bronze medals, whereas RSU team took the first place and won the cup.

RSU Sports Club together with the head of study programme Health Sports Specialist, associate professor Voldemārs Arnis, compiled a great team for this competition by attracting the best athletes from various RSU faculties, RSU Liepāja Branch, the International Student Department, doctoral students and medical residents as well as graduates of the aforementioned programme.

Gold medalists: Anna Ņikonova, Enijs Dēliņš, Jevgēnijs Dunajevskis, Mārtiņš Būčiņš.

Silver medalists: Oksana Poplavska, Sandra Bileiše, Deniss Volkovs, Matīss Feldbergs, Jānis Pastars.

Bronze medalists: Inesa Golojade, Natalja Merķe, Dorlir Kollari.

Among the participants also were Inese Biteniece, Inese Liepiņa, Daniela Kupriša, Natalija Kurušina, Jose Martinez Mandieta, Jānis Indruškevičs, Dmitrijs Zabrodins, Andris Pešudovs, Mārtiņš Markovs, Pāvels Tulubjevs and Voldemārs Arnis.

RSU Sports Club and the Department of Sports and Nutrition express gratitude to all the participants.