Anger is necessary

09:44, 19 January, 2016
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Indra Majore-Dūšele, psychologist and lecturer of the Department of Health Psychology and Paedagogy, Faculty of Public Health and Social Welfare, stresses that anger is a necessary emotion, as it is a signal that the boundaries are crossed. She also points out that it is essential to learn to control anger.

According to the psychologist, "anger is a primary emotion, similar to other primary emotions – grief, joy, fear, disgust etc. Alongside with other emotions, anger has its own function, and emotions are granted to us to serve a particular purpose. Emotions have several functions – protecting, adapting and informing. Each emotion has it’s a distinct purpose."

"Anger is the only way for us to recognise that our borders have been crossed. In other words, anger serves as a signal that something is endangered. We can feel angry in case our property is endangered, for example, someone steals my bike, bruises my self-confidence, insults my friends or family. Anger as an essential signalling element, and this function of anger is necessary," she continues.

"No doubts, anger might be extremely destructive, and while being anger we may do things that we regret later. Therefore, skills to recognise, control and express anger in honest, constructive and skilful manner are essential to avoid falling into one of two extremes – suppression of anger and transformation of anger into aggressive behaviour and causing harm to ourselves and others. We should learn to control anger," stresses the lecturer.