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Research on caries prevention programme in children

08:12, 04 February, 2016
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On 8 February at 15:00 in a public session of the Doctoral Committee of Medicine, Rīga Stradiņš University, which will take place in the Hippocrates lecture-theatre (16 Dzirciema Street, Rīga), Inga Rendeniece will defend her doctoral thesis “Prevention Programme Development and Evaluation of Advancement of Caries in Pregnant Women and their Children”.

Like elsewhere in the world, caries in young children is a topical problem in Latvia. Several studies have been carried out fully describing causes of caries, as well as a number of preventive programs have been developed, however there are no countries in the world where young children caries would not be a topical issue.

Numerous studies have shown that education of pregnant women and young mothers has significantly promoted the reduction of the development of caries in children. A number of the world’s leading associations have developed guidelines for protection of children from caries by educating pregnant women and young mothers. The aim of the paper was to develop and assess dental disease prevention program for children from the moment of pregnancy.

The main objective of the paper was to develop a child’s oral health passport and guidelines for oral health for pregnant women and their young children. As a result, the children involved in the study whose parent had followed the above instruction showed lower caries prevalence compared to children of the control group.

Upon analysing results of the study and scientific literature, as well as exploring the experience of other countries, oral health passport suitable for children residing in Latvia and guidelines for oral health were developed taking into account risk factors.

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