International organisations to assess student centred approach at RSU

14:08, 11 February, 2016
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Thanks to the initiative of the Student Council, Peer Assessment of Student Centered Learning (PASCL) expert visit will take place at RSU on 15 and 16 February. RSU volunteered for the assessment visit of the student centred learning approach, and we are one of the few European higher education institutions which was selected for the expert visit.

During the visit an expert team of three people – a representative of Central European University from Hungary, a student from Denmark and a student from the Republic of Macedonia – will meet representatives of different academic and administrative departments to clarify the degree of the student centred learning in our daily work or how active we are in finding out the students’ expectations and opinions in order to involve them in development of the study process. Corresponding to the expectations of the Student Council and taking into account the limited time of the visit, particular attention will be paid to the Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Communication during this visit.

As a result of the visit we will receive the expert report on RSU practice in implementation of the student-centred learning approach and get recommendations for the improvement of the approach. PASCL organisers have intended to hold a post-visit feedback seminar with the participation of the representatives of both parties. It is planned to discuss the PASCL visit as well as the applicability of the received report for promoting the student centred learning approach at RSU.

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