Guest lecture on diabetes mellitus for medical students

14:04, 11 April, 2016
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On 13 April at 16:00 at Rīga Stradiņš University, Block C, Lecture-theatre No. 2 (16 Dzirciema street), Prof. Peter Nawroth’s guest lecture "Diabetic microvascular complication pathogenesis mechanisms: from the laboratory to clinical practice" will be held. The guest lecture is organised by Department of Internal Diseases together with Department of Doctoral Studies.

The professor will provide academic but scientific intrigue full lecture on diabetes complication pathogenesis aspects, the lecture is formed on the basis of his scientific research results and scientific publication critical analyses.

In his scientific works, the professor has searched for answers to chronic diseases universal molecular mechanisms: endothelium as biologically active system and a regulator of coagulation system, endothelial dysfunctions connection with cytokines, the mechanism of chronic inflammatory and the significance of diabetes mellitus late complications, Alzheimer's disease and aging pathogenesis.

Many professor’s research results occupies a deserved place in the textbook and clinical monograph pages. At the same time, basing on the molecular biological mechanisms, the professor often opposes to customary medical dogmas.

Students, residents and doctoral students of the Faculty of Medicine are welcome to attend!