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A parrot with the greater good in mind

14:46, 04 September, 2017

j steibl introIf internationalisation were to have a face, it would be that of Johannes Steibl, a fifth year medical student at RSU. As the former vice-president of Deutsche Studenten im Ausland (German Students Abroad) and the vice-president of RSU International Students’ Association, not only is he the perpetuum mobile of the international students’ community but also an ambassador for the Latvian language, culture and traditions.

Project for improving seniors’ quality of life in the Baltic Region

09:35, 21 August, 2017

The signing of the cooperation agreement between RSU, the Latvian Pensioners’ Association, the Estonian Pensioners’ Union and the Lithuanian Union of Pensioners Bočiai earlier this month earmarked the beginning of implementation of a joint project “Age is not an Obstacle” financed by NordPlus Adult. The project will last for two and a half years and is aimed at improving the quality of life of elderly population.

In search of most effective pediatric treatment algorithms through simulation-based tele-learning

09:35, 21 August, 2017

residency training introAt some point, every one of us must have taken admiration for the inspirational characters on medical drama TV shows – compassionate, sharp-minded, highly intuitive and always successful in solving the most complex and hopeless cases. Medical skills are not inborn but acquired in the result of hard studies and thorough training. RSU in collaboration with U.S. top medical schools have launched work upon development of an algorithm to enable more effective and efficient training and assessment of prospective paediatricians.

On the road towards becoming a doctor and healthcare policy maker

15:05, 11 July, 2017

Alexander Wyckoff Mahler-introTo improve global healthcare, medical practitioners have to engage in medical policy-making processes. Global improvements in healthcare are possible only if medical practitioners contribute to policy making. Within our themed series of interviews “Doctor – it is a mission” we have interviewed RSU medical student Alexander Wyckoff-Mähler who shared with us his experience at RSU, his plans for the future and revealed his willingness to someday be part of global healthcare policy-making processes.

RSU develops web based intervention model for student-support

09:48, 06 July, 2017

The possibility to render effective psychological support to students through e-intervention or web-based intervention programmes has rapidly developed and institutions of higher education all around the globe develop e-intervention tools aimed at rendering support throughout the study process.

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