Alumni Association's Greetings to RSU Graduates

14:31, 21 June, 2011
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prof-r-lacis-wrDear Graduates of Rīga Stradiņš University:  

Congratulations on your graduation and joining our Alumni team. On behalf of RSU Alumni Association I wish you all to use the obtained knowledge skilfully, not to stop in self-development throughout your lives and donate your intellectual property for the benefit of our land. I wish you to make fewer failures in your lives, but also remember that only those who do nothing make no mistakes.

It is very important that after receiving your diplomas and becoming Alumni, you still keep connection with your Alma Mater. This is the reason why the Alumni Association was formed, which serves as a bridge between graduates and the university. We do care about your personal development, and we share the happiness for your luck and victory.  

I encourage all of you to join RSU Alumni Association, which has initiated scholarship foundation for students, promotes Lifelong Learning, participates in defending the university rights, attract the financial resources for making university aims come true and will ask both students and graduates to join the Academy of Intelligence. As the sign of recognition and trust, we ask you to leave your contact information for the databases of the university alumni.  

Let you have enough strength, courage and good advice for realising your future plans.  

Professor Romans Lācis,
Chairman of the Board of RSU Alumni Association  

More info on how to apply for RSU Alumni Association membership available here.