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New Study Puppet in Obstetrics and Gynecology

13:36, 14 December, 2010
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mulazas zinaIn the maternity house, which is where RSU's department of obstetrics and gynecology is located, the first practical training on the newly gained study puppets or moulages, which were obtained with the support from Boriss and Inara Teterevs’ Foundation, of year 4 students took place. In the future the moulage will be used to help students of medicine acquire practical knowledge in child labour.

The newly gained moulage is the first study puppet of this kind, which will be accessible to medicine students of Latvia and will help them better understand the specifics of their profession. The puppet is of a natural size; so far the department of obstetrics and gynecology has never had one like this. The moulage can precisely demonstrate the changes in the body of a woman in various life situations, it can simulate childbirth processes and various types of complications connected with it. Students to learned about problem situations during delivery, for instance, the position of a child in the uterus by feeling a child’s fontanel.

“In Europe, theoretical knowledge is strengthened by doing practical work with the help of study puppets, and only after having received the diploma – during residency – the work with patients can start. This is the trend we would have to apply in Latvia as well, and in the era of technologies these moulages can be constructed even more complex, thus illustrating changes in a woman’s body in various stages of life, during the deliverance and in case of an illness”, says the head of the department of obstetrics and gynecology of RSU, professor associate Ms Dace Rezeberga. She is showing the 30-year-old study puppet, which was used when Ms Rezeberga was a student herself. The biggest advantage of the newly gained moulage is its accordance with the realistic size of woman’s pelvis and a newborn baby, as well as the ability to demonstrate various difficulties a doctor might experience during childbirth.

It has been planned that 140–160 students will be able to work with the study resources obtained with the support by Boriss and Inara Teterevs. Practical studies will be held at Riga Maternity House; it is even more important due to every student taking a practical exam as of next year. The exam will require students to do various medical manipulations. So, the study puppet sponsored by Boriss and Inara Teterevs is an asset for this reason, too.  From now on, manipulations in obstetrics and gynecology will not be just a theoretical question on a piece of paper alone; practical skills acquired on the study puppets will replace this. The filed of obstetrics and gynecology is very promising, this has been indicated also by the number of contestants wishing to be residential course at RSU.

Valuable books on the use of medicine during pregnancy and breast feeding have also been obtained. The gift of 5,000 lats is the first project implemented according to the collaboration agreement of 65,000 lats between Mr Boriss Teterevs and Rīga Stradiņš University, the aim of which is to support health care education.

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