SEB Bank to Offer Scholarships to RSU Students of Social Sciences

14:58, 30 August, 2011
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sebbanka19082011On the 18th of August, a Letter of Intent about establishing “SEB bank Scholarship of Excellence” was signed at Rīga Stradiņš University. It is the first private scholarship fund meant for students of RSU Faculty of Communications, Faculty of Law and Faculty of European Studies. Since RSU social sciences students do not have state budget places, they also cannot apply for state scholarship, therefore, “SEB bank Scholarship of Excellence” is a remarkable event. A 70-lat monthly scholarship payment to three top RSU Social Science students for 10 months is anticipated by the fund. The scholarship contest will start in September of this year.

The signing of the Letter of Intent was assisted by: Ainārs Ozols, President of SEB banka, Mihails Zaikovskis, SEB banka Regional Manager in Pārdaugava region, Agnese Strazda, SEB banka Corporate Communications Manager, Romans Lācis, Chairman of the Board of RSU Alumni Association, Jānis Gardovskis, RSU Rector, Taņa Lāce, Dean of RSU Faculty of Communications, Andrejs Vilks, Dean of RSU Faculty of Law.

“At RSU Faculty of Communications the study process is directed towards excellence – in its contents, its topicality, in study methods used and in shaping students’ motivation. So far only the faculty maintained strong confidence in their everyday work that endless self development is basis for excellence. Having established scholarships of excellence, besides modern and exciting study environment, we will be able to support financially those students whose ambitions and talents show that they want to reach outstanding results in their speciality,” says Anda Rožukalne Dr. Sc. Soc., Chair of RSU Communication Studies Department, Head of study programmes “Journalism” and “Multimedia Communication”.

“SEB bank has been supporting students by offering scholarships in Latvia since 1998. Throughout these years we have given the chance to most talented students to receive financial support in various study programmes and various universities. We’re pleased that SEB bank scholarships will be offered also to RSU Social Science students. From our own experience, we know that RSU students are diligent and well educated, as many of them have become my colleagues,” says Ainārs Ozols, President of SEB banka.

“SEB bank is a long-term partner of Rīga Stradiņš University. A very notable thing that unites Rīga Stradiņš University and SEB bank is streaming towards excellence, our organisations are also the forge of our country presidents – former president Valdis Zatlers is an alumni of RSU; however, the current president Andris Bērziņš was the first president of SEB bank – thus presidents come from our environments,” says RSU Rector Jānis Gardovskis jokingly.

RSU-AA-SEB-protokols20Ainārs Ozols (centre), President of SEB Bank, looks on as RSU Rector Jānis Gardovskis (left) shakes hands with Romans Lācis, Chairman of the Board of RSU Alumni Association.