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Three New Projects of Maecenas Boriss Teterevs to his Alma Mater

15:49, 30 August, 2011
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teterevu fonds logo ENOn 22nd of August, a letter of Intent was signed at Rīga Stradiņš University with the aim to grant the university 200,000 lats. Within the proposed agreement, establishment of “Maecenas Boriss Teterevs’ scholarships in Medicine”, “Academy of Intelligence” and “Support Grants by Maecenas Boriss Teterevs” are anticipated.

The Letter of Intent signed by the Chairman of the Board of RSU Alumni Association, Romans Lācis, RSU Rector Jānis Gardovskis and Maecenas Boriss Teterevs includes cooperation with the aim to prepare highly skilled professionals in medicine and health care in Latvia, European Union and for the world. Another aim states that knowledge, skills and attitudes gained during study process must target at reaching demands and traditions of humanism in Europe, thus serving as sound basis for life long learning.

“Modern and efficient medicine has always been an important question to tackle. I myself graduated the Academy of Medicine years ago, and I know how financially difficult the long study years can be; thus being able to support talented students I feel truly happy. This also serves as an investment in the future as the question of aging population in Europe is becoming more crucial by every year,” says Maecenas Boriss Teterevs.

Already in September the application process for “Boriss Teterevs’ scholarships in Medicine” will be started. The aim of the scholarship is to help talented students obtain competitive medical education, the funds of which are quite restricted. It is estimated that every year three new scholarships will be awarded thus yearly increasing the number of scholarships received. Students will receive a 250-lats scholarship and a laptop, which will ease the study process they go through.

“The Academy of Intelligence” is a unique project designed particularly for students and alumni of Rīga Stradiņš University as well as any other individual willing to obtain this informal form of education. The aim of the Academy is, besides formal academic standards, to offer such knowledge which would promote career development and shape a person into personality and intelligent member of society. The programme includes providing knowledge concerning art, culture, music, behavioural etiquette, diplomacy, theoretical and practical basis of ball dances, etc. “The Academy of Intelligence” will start its activity on 13th October of this year. Thanks to patrons Boriss and Ināra Teterevs it is going to be free of charge.

The aim of “The Research Support Grant by Maecenas Boriss Teterevs” is to support student participation in international health care conferences outside Latvia by being able to present their scientific research papers, thus promoting RSU student competitiveness and their scientific activities.

Maecenas Boriss Teterevs is a 1980 alumni of 1980 of Rīga Stradiņš University (then – Riga Medical institute).

RSU Alumni Association in cooperation with Rīga Stradiņš University and Boriss and Inara Teterevs Foundation will manage the grants.

Boriss and Ināra Teterevs Foundation was established in 2010 with the aim to promote development of culture, art and education in Latvia and abroad. Upon starting its activity, Boriss and Ināra Teterevs Foundation has supported The Restoration Finishing Programme of Rundāle Castle 2010−2014. With the help of their foundation activities the Teterevs want to spread charity ideas among entrepreneurs in Latvia. More information is available at


Left to right: Ardis Platkājis, Dean of RSU Faculty of Medicine, Iveta Ozolanta , RSU Vice-Rector for Science, Jānis Gardovskis, RSU Rector, Dace Gardovska, Strategic Relationship Director of RSU Alumni Association, Maecenas Boriss Teterevs, Maecenas Ināra TeterevaRomans Lācis, Chairman of the Board of RSU Alumni Association, Guntis Bahs, Head of Family Medicine Department of RSU, Irīna Kukliča, Executive Director of RSU Alumni Association, Mareks Indriksons, Director of the Boris un Ināra Teterevs Foundation.

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