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Dance Classes Offered

09:56, 11 September, 2012
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For the first time, this year the Academy of Intelligence is open to international students. The Academy of Intelligence offers an informal education programme designed for the students and graduates of RSU. The programme consists of two modules – Art and Culture as well as Theory and Practice of Ballroom Dances, during the academic year each containing 24 classes. The project has been conducted by RSU Alumni Association, and thanks to Maecenas Boriss Teterevs, graduate of RSU, offered to RSU students free of charge. We invite you to join dance classes to be in the spotlight at the RSU Academic Ball in the Spring of 2013.

In the module of the Theory and Practice of Ballroom Dances, the participants are offered to master the most popular dance steps of polonaise, waltz, foxtrot, cha-cha-cha, tango etc. The dance classes are conducted by Evita Pavasare, dancing conductor an experienced professional dancer and dancing conductor Ilgmārs Stopiņš.

Please, take your dancing shoes to the classes (no specialised dancing shoes required)! The shoes should have sliding soles. We recommend ladies to wear closed toe shoes with heals of average height. Boots are not suitable for dance classes!

The Academy of Intelligence does not offer a dance partner; instead, the pairs are to be formed on the spot during the classes. You may attend classes together with your dance partner which is not from the university, however, in this case, please, upon registration fill in the data about the partner.

The language of instruction for Theory and Practice of Ballroom Dance classes offered by the Academy of Intelligence is Latvian, however, no words are needed for dancing, as dance itself is a means of expression. Still, please find some of the most topical phrases in Latvian below and try to keep them in mind. As far as possible, we will ensure the translation.

The classes will start on October 9, 18:00, in the sports hall of Riga French lyceum, 8 Mēness Street.

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Please, print the timetable here

Key phrases for dance classes:

  • Pa labi – to the right
  • Pa kreisi – to the left
  • Uz priekšu – forward
  • Atpakaļ – back
  • Sānis – sidewards
  • Apgrieziens – turnround
  • Viens, divi, trīs, četri, pieci, seši – one, two, three, four, five, six
  • Roka – arm
  • Kāja – foot
  • Galva – head

Photos from 2011/2012 dancing classes:

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