Business and Law in the EU

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The Master’s study programme of Business and Law in the European Union provides students with knowledge and skills about the planning and managing of businesses and enterprises in Latvia and the European Union in conformity with international business laws.

Title of Study Programme:

Business and Law in the European Union

Head of Study Programme:

Dainis Zelmenis, PhD (Econ), Associate Professor

Form of Study Programme:

Full-time and part-time studies

Length of Study Programme and ECTS:

4 semesters, 2 years, 120 ECTS

3 semesters, 1.5 years, 90 ECTS

Degree Awarded:

Master’s degree in Business Administration, Professional Qualification of a Manager of Businesses and Organisations (Institutions)

Aim of Study programme:

The aim of the professional Master’s programme is to prepare highly qualified experts in business administration, with deeper theoretical and practical knowledge about the business and law of the European Union and abilities to determine and formulate the principles of business administration, plan and manage an enterprise, analyse and evaluate dynamic change in the business environment, harmonise the interests of the business and society, and successfully function in the dynamic business space in Latvia and the EU.

Main objectives of  Study Programme:

  • Provide the Latvian and EU labour market with knowledgeable and competitive experts in the field of business administration.
  • By using modern teaching and learning methods, provide students with information about the economics of the EU, business administration and commerce laws as well as the specifics of business forms in the EU.
  • Teach the skill to think creatively and critically as well as to forecast the development of economic processes.

Assessment methods:

At the Faculty of European Studies the module system is used. The length of a course is either 5 weeks, amounting to 20 classes (10 lectures and 10 seminars) or 3 weeks (6 lectures and 4 seminars). Upon a successful completion of a course, at the end of the 5th week or the 3rd week the student takes an exam. An important part of the evaluation and assessment system is participation and excellence of answers in seminars, presentation of reports on individual projects, quality of written assignments, passing of tests and exams.