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Communication and Media Studies

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The academic Master’s programme of Communication and Media Studies is open to individuals who wish to learn more about the communication, journalism, PR advertising, social networks in the context of social change and acquire skills to pursue independent research as media and public relation experts.

Title of Study Programme:

Communication and Media Studies

Head of Study Programme:

Ilva Skulte, PhD (Ling), Associate Professor

Form of Study Programme:

Full-time studies

Length of Study Programme and ECTS:

4 semesters, 2 years, 120 ECTS

Degree Awarded:

Master’s degree of Social Sciences in Information and Communication Sciences

Aim of Study programme:

The aim of the programme is to ensure the acquirement of more profound theoretical knowledge on public communications as well as to acquire skills in the practical application of research methods in the research of specific social problems related to media and communication.

Main objectives of Study Programme:

  • Train academically educated specialists in social sciences, capable to apply independently the acquired theoretical knowledge and draw on their communication research skills in solving issues on ad hoc basis.
  • Enhance the competitive advantages of the communication new specialists both in the local and European labour markets, the advantages being based on excellent theoretical knowledge and high skills in the analyses of communication in the fields of media, public relations and social networks.
  • Provide students with cutting edge knowledge in communication theories and social research methods by concentrating on new theoretical ideas in research and original ways of solving topical communication problems in Latvia and other European countries.

Assessment methods:

At the Faculty of Communications, the module system is used. The length of a course is 1, 2 or 4 weeks; usually amounting to 6-10 classes (4 lectures and 2 seminars). Upon a successful completion of a course, at the end of the 5th week the student takes an exam. An important part of the evaluation and assessment system is attendance of lectures, participation and the quality of answers in seminars and tests, the writing and defence of the theoretical report or empiric observation.

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