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Although the labour market situation in Latvia has been greatly affected by the global financial crisis leading to a sharp decrease of number of vacancies and even though Latvian and/or Russian language skills are almost always compulsory if you want to get a job in Riga, there are nonetheless possibilities to find jobs for people speaking other languages than the abovementioned ones. 

The only state institution in Latvia dealing directly with labour market issues (vacancies, employers, unemployed persons) is the State Employment Agency. To get access to the services of the Agency, you will have to register with the Agency. Services to clients in Riga are provided in two client service centres (CSC). The closest CSC to the city centre is situated in 11 Jēzusbaznīcas St. To look for suitable vacancies online you can also use the CV/Vacancy portal of the Agency (in Latvian).

Address: 11 Jēzusbaznīcas St.
Web: (in English)
CV/Vacancy portal:

There are many private employment agencies and placement companies in Latvia offering variety of services including job placements and job ads. Please find below links to some private employment agencies:


Voluntary work

There are organisations that provide voluntary work. Please see the following websites that have links and even small databases with places and institutions that need voluntary work.


In these databases you can look for voluntary work in different regions in Latvia and also in different spheres depending on whom you would like to help (adults, disabled people, children, animals, etc.).

All the information is available only in Latvian. There might be a chance to work as a volunteer even if you do not speak Latvian; however, you should contact the respective institutions and discuss this issue with them personally.

Several students have expressed their wish to help animals. One of the things you can do, is help animals in shelters. Employees from the Animal Shelter “Juglas dzīvnieku patversme” will be very happy to receive your help!

Address: 18 Juglas St., Rīga
Call: +371 26 617 636 (they speak English)
Getting there: Take buss No 40 going in the direction "Jugla-3", and get off at the very last stop "Jugla-3". Timetable for bus No 40.