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Filing Complaints

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Please note that this section deals with GENERAL COMPLAINTS. If you want to file an appeal regarding the study process, i.e., test/colloquium/exam results, please go to the Appeals and Complaints section.

Order of filing complaints

You are authorised to file written and oral complaints and suggestions regarding any field that concerns the functions of Rīga Stradiņš University.

Where do I file a complaint?

The best place to file a complaint is with the International Student Department (Block D, Room 407), where, should you wish, a complete anonymity is ensured. You may also file the complaint to the rector, vice-rector for education, deans and vice-deans, heads of academic structural units, head of the teaching department, and head of the quality management.

What happens next?

Your complaint will be registered and examined, deciding on the measures that need to be taken to correct the arisen situation or prevent another from happening again.

Officially the complaint examination may take up to one month, when you will be informed in writing about the results of the examination.

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