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078RSU graduation ceremonies are conventions during which students receive their diplomas. Graduation ceremonies take place in the Great Hall of RSU and they are attended by the governing body of the university, graduates and visitors alike.

The deans of respective faculties issue diplomas to graduates dressed in robes in the colours of the RSU: red, white and silver. Students who have graduated with Summa Cum Laude receive their diploma from the rector of the university. Before degrees are awarded the tassel is placed on the right side of the cap. Once degrees are award, the tassel is moved to the left, symbolising academic achievement. During the ceremony all present are united by singing the National Anthem of Latvia, God Bless Latvia, as well as the academic commercium song Gaudeamus Igitur.

At the graduation ceremonies of the Faculties of Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Rehabilitation, Nursing and Public Health, students also give the Hippocratic Oath, publically accepting responsibility about the health and life of their future patients.


Hippocratic Oath (Solemn oath of the graduate of RSU)

GraduationI, (Name Surname), taking up the doctor's post, do solemnly promise to my nation and my teachers, and confirm with my signature, that I will use all the acquired knowledge and skills, honestly and with clear conscience, for public health care and for relief of people's pain and suffering. Maintenance and restoration of my patient's health will be the highest rule of my action.

I do promise to render first medical aid, with the greatest care and at any time, to anybody in need, irrespectively of his/her religion, nationality, race, political convictions and social status. I will strictly keep to ethical principles and observe professional secret. I will treat the life of every man with the greatest respect. Even in the presence of personal danger I will practice my art in accordance with rules of humanity.

I do promise to increase my knowledge and skills constantly, to promote development of medicine, to respect my colleagues and ask for their help and advice and provide them with my advice if it may be for the benefit of the sick.

I am aware of and accept the responsibility that has been delegated to me not only in front of my country and law, but also in front of the whole society and next generations.